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Traditional contributory plans for groups 2 - 49 regarding 75% participants of eligible employees. Voluntary dental usually requires a minimum number of enrolled participation such as 10 contracts or 30% of the eligible which ever is higher. These programs can be offered as a stand-alone or as part of an employee benefits package.
Dental coverage in general is fairly predictable once it has been part of a benefit program of a company for a minimum of 2-3 years. Dental ASO plan (Administrative Services Only) can be advantageous to groups of 25 or more participants primarily due to the fact that the plan design has
* Deductibles
* Co-Insurance for certain services
* Maximum benefits per year
The employer can retain the premium that would have been paid to the insurance carrier. The Company can reduce costs and still provide the same benefit design by:
* Obtaining the services of a TPA to process claims as well as measure and report utilization by category (Premium, Basic, Major, Other)
* Retain the premiums that used to be paid each month to the insurance company
* Pay for dental services as they occur
* Maintain premium cost share with employees based upon traditional rates for Single/Family

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